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Pete Rakiewicz Diary

4/7/45 Saturday

It's been one full year on this island today (Oh, Brother)

Orientation at 1300 hours. Played poker, won about seven bucks. Took a shower, shaved, washed items of clothes, & brushed teeth - all in 20 min.

Wrote a 3-pager to Pugs. Listened to Hit Parade. No. 1 song, Accentuate the Positive, was sung by Lawrence Tibbetts & it was murder no end! Sold ½ case of beer for Four Checks. Hit the hay at lights out.

4/8/45 Sunday

Went to church & communion, made Easter duty, last service of Father Neagle. Rec'd letters from Janie & Marion & 2 from Pugs.

Wrote to Janie & Marion. Had tough time getting a vehicle from motor pool. Drove down to hospital to see Bearman, stayed 10 min, returned to area in time to see movie "And Now Tomorrow" starring Alan Ladd & Loretta Young. Did some bookkeeping. Hit the hay just before lights out.

4/9/45 Monday

Read Time, Look, Pic, Yank magazines. Forgot Novena & class in practical electricity. Rec'd letters from Johnny & Pugs. Wrote Pugs a 3-pager. Drank one beer just before lights out. Insect made noise like a riveting machine, spent 15 min. tracking it down with flash-light, threw pest out the door. Hit the hay no earlier than 2330 hours.


Read new Time magazine. Watched part of basketball game - then the lights all over the place dimmed out - generator trouble.

Saw movie "Ministry of Fear" with Ray Milland & Marjorie Reynolds - she sure is a sharp looker. That's against my motto 'cause I don't go for blondes. Wrote to Johnny. Hit the hay at 2230.

4/11/45 Wednesday


Used rake on movie area.

Grenade range - expended but one, which took up rest of morning. Miller, our driver, nearly got done away with thru his own carelessness of course. He pulled ring, released lever, prepared to throw it while it was sizzling. Lucky for him he didn't hold it long enough to explode.

Socked the new punching bag till my arms nearly fell off.

Put together the parts & pieces of a grenade to keep as a souvenir.


Saw good movie "Hollywood Canteen" with millions of stars & Joan Leslie & Bob Hutton. She's awfully nice-looking -- my ideal of a girl friend. Was part of a general discussion session which was held after the movie in the mess hall. C.O. gave main points on TDRR&R & rotation. Questions asked were answered to the best of his ability. My choice was TDRR&R, the technical army name which in all respects is just a furlough with immediate return to same overseas outfit. Hit the hay at 2310 hours.

4/12/45 Thursday

Mess hall inspected by a General (Gilbreath) was not to his liking. Later, Bn, C.O. looked it over and also found it the same way. Fixed water barrels. Sprayed oil to kill grass around our barracks. Went to movie, saw"Greenwich Village" (Don Ameche - Vivian Blaine), "The Fighting Lady" story of a carrier narrated by Lt. Bob Taylor, U.S.N.R. a short on the birth of a B-29 Superfort. Wrote 3-pager to Pugs. Hit the hay at 2310 hours.

4/13/45 Friday

Last nights movie took in more than three hours. During the night, a detail worked on mess hall so it could pass the inspection tomorrow. Col. Trower is expected to be the inspector. Cleaned our barracks also for the inspection & we better pass 'cause I sure don't like working on Sunday. Punched the bag again till the arms nearly fell off. Finished Lesson 12 in bkkg. It's ready for mailing. Had a slight storm, rain came in sudden burst came in buckets and just sudden it stopped. Wonderful place for fishes in this place. Saw movie "Mark of the Whistler", Richard Dix. It was sort of a stinkeroo, just as bad as Lawrence Tibbett's singing. Wrote a two-pager to Bob's folks in answer to the letter of theirs that I received today. Have yet to write to the kid bro.

Hit the hay at 2240 hours.

4/14/45 Saturday

Read "Valley of Silent Men" novel - pretty good.

Author James Oliver Curwood. Orientation 1300 hours. Passed inspection. which is a mystery to me. Paid in advance for Monday's beer. 6 bucks.

Indulged in poker, came out a little ahead. Saw movie "Dark Waters" Merle Oberon, Franchot Tone - Fair. Missed Hit Parade. Listened to records in orderly room instead. Hit the hay sometime after 2300 hours.

4/15/45 Sunday

Yesterday received two letters one each from Pugs and Mom. Mom said she mailed radio & extra tubes to me, April 4. Dick may go home on leave (I hope so). Went to church, new priest, Father Kuhn.

Played softball, won 9-8 in extra inning. I stunk. Had three ice creams at P.X. Bought two Park lighters. Indulged in poker, came out a little ahead.

Washed clothes. Didn't shave 'cause my face was a bit sunburned from this morning's softball game. Intended to take pictures but time flew too fast. Saw "Winged Victory" - fair. Should write a letter to Mom & to Pug but I'm too tired. Hit the hay at 2230 hours.

4/16/45 Monday

Stood memorial parade in honor of president's death.

Had most of morning off, in which time I had my picture taken 3 times. Wrote to Dick, to Mom & a three-pager to Pugs. Had ice cream & cokes at P.X. Missed half of Novena. Saw movie "Rainbow Island" Dorothy Lamour & Eddie Bracken - fair. Hit the hay right at lights out.

4/17/45 Tuesday

Bought four tubes of Ipana, my favorite tooth paste, yes, yes. Watched basketball game. Bn won. It's about time the M.P.'s got beat. Saw movie "One Body Too Many" with Jack Haley, Jean Parker - fair. Wrote to Frank Powers. Hit the hay at 2130 hours.

4/18/45 Wednesday

For dinner we fried ourselves a steak with french fried potatoes & onions. Toasted my bread a bit and everything went swell with the beer I had stacked away. Didn't get any ice cream -- the line at the P.X. was from here to Madison Ave. Group was alerted last week, been packing ever since. Saw movie "I'll Remember April", Gloria Jean growed-up to nice proportions - fair. Played pinochle. Hit the hay at 2245 hours.

4/19/45 Thursday

Third time this week we had fresh sunny-side-up eggs. Had two bits worth of ice cream & coke. Sprayed oil to kill grass around barracks. Received letter each from Pugs, Mom, & Treble. Wrote a three-pager to Pugs. Gave five beers to Joe Bucher for nix on account of two of his buddies came to see him. Hit the hay no earlier than 2200 hours.

4/20/45 Friday

Wrote to Trebie. Saw movie "Keys of the Kingdom" Gregory Peck, Thomas Mitchell. Good, something on the order of "Going My Way." Had a bull session of memories on things we remembered most from back home. Hit the hay at lights out but didn't start chasing forty winks until about 2340 hours. Two pictures were good from the two rolls that were taken Sunday & Monday. (Give me strength)

4/21/45 Saturday

Read Reader's Digest. Orientation 1300 hours. Played softball against the officers, trimmed 'em alive. For myself I got one good double & a fielder's choice. Score 12-2. Washed a stack of clothes. No movie tonight for a change. Indulged in poker, was going O.K. till Kraft sat beside me. Then I lost 7 bucks. Forgot to listen to Hit Parade. Hit the hay at lights out.

4/22/45 Sunday

Went to church - 0830. Straightened my junk. Borrowed camera from Biff because we were doubtful about Bob's. Took pictures, one whole roll. Wrote to Bob's aunt & uncle in answer to letters of theirs I received yesterday. Heard Sammy Kayes's program. Turned in shoes for salvage. Got a serum shot in left arm. Hit the hay just at lights out.

4/23/45 Monday

4/29/45 Sunday

Co. now packing boxes. Special details only went out to work. Worked fifteen & one-half hours on Tuesday. Sprayed D.D.T. on clothes. Bought turtle-shell necklace for seven bucks - it's for Pugs. We were all set to move but the ship isn't docked as yet. Church service was given by a missionary, performed in our chapel. Been playing poker all along and I either won or came out even. Hope it continues to my benefit. All during the week we had it pretty easy - except MON. & Tues. when we tried to get ready for moving.

4/30/45 Monday

5/6/45 Sunday

Received letters from Janie, Bob, Moe, Bob's folks and Helen. Answered all except three of four from Pugs. Turned in roll of film to be developed next Tuesday. Saw quite a lot of movies - among them "Kismet" & "Murder My Sweet" - both were good. Received picture from Sailor Dick - he's changed a bit already. Also got a letter from Mom. It has to be answered today, Sunday. Haven't received radio as yet -- but I guess it's due in this week. Had training lectures all last week with afternoons off. Calisthenics gave me sore muscles - cadence exercise for twenty minutes all last week, Due to see "Guest in the House" tonight. Reveille was changed from 5:30 to 6:30 - good deal. Movie was changed to "Here Comes the Waves". Golly, that Bing can sing! Answered Mom's letter.

5/7/45 Monday

Played poker, lost a few bucks, then won to get back to my original thirty-five. Saw "Guest In the House" starring Ann Baxter, Ralph Bellamy - good picture, she did a nice bit of acting. Had more of same stuff of last week. Forgot to mention we had from seven to ten shots in the last ten days.

5/9/45 Wednesday

Packed all our stuff & equipment, emptied the barracks. The band played solid for us right in front of our company. Went to see three-fourths of "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn". Then we were called to the company area. Piled 100 fellows, duffel bags, packs etc. into cattle truck. Left at nine o'clock, boarded the Bluem Fontaine, a Dutch (?) ship, at ten.

5/10/45 Thursday

Docked at Tulagi in the morning. At sea sometime in the P.M. In the next two weeks we had air raid drills, exercises, long lines for P.X. & chow & you had to be a contortionist to find a decent place to park your carcass. Chow wasn't any too good. The hold was next to hell. I had five days of K.P. & it was murder.

5/24/45 Thurs.

Docked at Batangas, P.I. in anchorage. Hit the shore in "Ducks". Flips greeted us with joy. I caught a blister-rash which caused me a lot of agony. Made friends with Jon, Mary & Eusabio. Invited to a chicken dinner. It was good. The first three days we slept in pup tents - with centipedes crawling over our stomachs. Then we changed to pyramidals. The first thing I noticed was that most of the kids had jungle ulcers all over their legs. Then we moved to the Guadalupe ruins on the outskirts of Manila. It was another hill-camp almost like Guadalcanal.

6/4/45 to 7/16/45

Stayed in camp most of the time, saw quite o bit of movies. That lasted about 5 to 6 weeks. Then Ronnie introduced me to Lydia and you couldn't find me in camp. Her brother taught me basic tango and rhumba. Rec'd my radio in good condition. It came 7-7-45 or thereabouts. Also about this time, I rec'd the photo album from Pugs, filled it with pictures I had on hand.

8/18/45 Saturday

Went to a dance with Lydia. She duked-up. Took a picture, it came out dim but I'm glad even at that. Boy that gal can dance! I'm still a rookie at it. Took 5 steps in the first tango then screwed-up.

8/19/45 Sunday

Took pictures of Makati church & hospital (P.E.C.) & Lydia, Sylvia & the baby - and Cheetah the monkey. They're half & half.

Got another cholera shot on Friday the 24th. We were set on the alert last week - company worked on crates & boxes. Had our old packs turned in for new ones. Rec'd letter from a Felix Hall, told me where Rich was. Sunday 26th saw him on the battle wagon USS New Jersey. I wasn't kidding when I said he'd changed.

Monday the 27th

he (Rich) came to see me, said he was leaving tomorrow. Took a ride with him up to the dock at Jones Bridge. Had ice drinks at the Red Cross Club. Bought him a ring, then he bought me two rolls of film. He left for the N.J. at 5. Sure made me feel bad - and mad.

Took Lydia to show Mon. nite, forgot the name of the picture.

Turned in my school book on Tues. Then Ron & I took the long way to camp thru Santa Ana & Makati. Stopped in at the Busy Bee.

Wednesday 29th

took Lydia to the movies again, saw "Jr. Miss", a fair picture. Yesterday I took some swell shots of the country around here. Turned 'em over to Mike for developing. Wed. Lydia's bro-in-law, John, was the escort.

Thurs. 30th

invitation to supper with Johnson, Wilson at Lydia's (Ron couldn't make it). Fried chicken, lettuce & tomato salad, coffee & bread, bananas for dessert. It was D-lish!! Lydia had tears in her eyes. Said goodbye at the B-B. Meny played "Ikon ay akiu" on the piano, the whole B-B sang it, then Meny burst out in tears. It was tough saying goodbye to Lydia, Sylvia, Cecile & John.

Then they came up to see us Fri. 31st, stayed until it started to get dark. Snapped a picture of Lydia, Syl, Cecile & John, Ron, Wilson, Johnson & I. I doubt if it's O.K. cause Mike said the film was terrible. The other roll was black. Lydia was on the verge of tears again when she gave me some bananas with a note. Went to Bob's outfit to tell him we're moving but he wasn't there. Gave Mike 80 pesos for the camera. I hope the four rolls I have now will turn out to the good or it'll set me back 20 pesos.

Sept. 1st

'45 Sat. Moved lock, stock & barrel to Paniqui in the province of Tarlac. The camp had previously been set up with bamboo floors. We set our tents up.

In the next three weeks we didn't do much work. It was more of training, marching, etc. - and competition sports.

Sun. 9-2-45

Rode back to Guadalupe with Mackey to pick up our spray cans -- but the main purpose really was to see the Leono's again. Mackey picked up his girl in Manila, said he'd pick me up in a few minutes (yes few minutes). 1-1/2 hrs later I took off to Makati thru Santa Ana, hitch hiking. Snapped photos of the B-B personnel

9-7-45 Fri

3-day pass to Manila, visited Lydia & family, slept there two nights. Lydia got a job as a clerk at the 22nd replacement Depot. When Lydia lets her hair down making ready for bed she looks pretty good. From the way she does the rhumba, I bet she'ld be nice to go to bed with. One of the guys from the Signal Corps sold me 5 rolls of Agfa film at 3 pesos a roll -- that was a good deal for me.

9-1-45 - Mon.

Last night came back to camp from the 3-day pass. Yesterday, went to church with Lydia. From this date to Sat. Sept. 15, it was dull. The company went all out for sports & did good in everything. I'm still on "M.C." duty. Played Bingo, won a straw hand bag (Philippine souvenir). Cost me P2.50 to play & the bag cost P2.50.

Amateur program, Thurs., was won by Clem. He was half stewed & played it up on the stage.

9-15-45 Sat.

Battalion dance. [portion of page excised] Flips, thank the good Lord.

9-16-45 Sun.

Went to Tarlac to get some prints & to have another roll developed. Roberts was with me. We saw Josephine another sweet & shapely kid, just 22 yrs old. Took a picture of her. [comment xxx]

9-17-45 Mon.

Was another dull day. Played Bingo again - won one bottle of ink & a blitz cloth. All prizes were purchased thru the company fund.

9-18-45 Tues.

The company got 2 days off for winning most of the games in the sports program of last week. We could have a 2-day pass either to Manila or to Baguio or stay in camp. Naturally I went to Manila. Again slept at Lydia's house. Nothing of importance happened.

9-19-45 Wed.

Our passes were due to end at 0800 Thurs., so we met at the old motor pool. Sat in the weapons carrier that brought us up to Manila, waiting for the driver. The other trucks took off & then we found out that the W.C. had been salvaged. Was to stay at the 353rd but changed our mind & started hitch-hiking back to camp at 2200. Younce, Tasky, Brogan, Tumillo & myself went thru Manila at 2310. Caught a ride halfway up to Paniqui. At 0030 we then caught a ride in a long empty semi that took us to Tarlac Red Cross. Had coffee & hot do-nuts. Hit camp about 0230, listened to 5 innings of game No. 1 of the World Series between the Cubs & Tigers. It was a short-wave broadcast and the Cubs won that game. I may be a little mixed-up in the dates but at least I remember what was what.

9-20-45 Thurs.

Rec'd a letter from Lydia.

9-23-45 Sun.

Invitation by Marcus & wife to a chicken dinner with pans it, sunnyside-up eggs, & fried fish. Made a hog of myself. Took pics of them & Clarine. The pics developed swell. The rest of the week up to Friday 28th was nothing exceptional. We're not doing so good in sports, lost some of the games by forfeit -- on account of that free two-day pass (give me strength).

9-29-45 Sat.

Took an over night pass to Manila - naturally to see the Leano's again. Little Cecile is beginning to know me more & more. It's a shame she has to be covered with tropical ulcers - or is it tropical ulcers? Looks just like the blister rash I had at Batangas. Besides that she had the worst cough I ever heard, poor kid. Headed back to Paniqui about 1600 hours Sun. 3oth, reached camp about 2000, good connections all the way.

10-1-45 Mon.

Received pay, all of 56 pesos, 80 centavos equal to $28.90. The rest of the week was another unexceptional period.

10-6-45 Sat.

Another overnight pass to Manila, stayed at Lydia's again, & stretched the pass three more days (AWOL). Bought 13 rolls of Agfa from Sig. Corps guy. Returned to camp Wed. 10th the boys covered for me & the C.O. didn't know I was gone.

10-13-45 Sat.

I was a substitute for Yaeger in softball game, at bat once & hit, percentage 1.000 for that game.

10-15- Mon.

Played bingo.

19-16 Tues.

at 2000 hours we pulled down the mess hall, shower & day room.

10-17 Wed.

Moved to White Beach APO 70. Visited the town of Dagupau thrice, had films developed. Trip to Paniqui, saw Nina the singer, took pic of Marcellus & wife & Francine. Promoted to T/5 23rd Oct. Guard only 25th. C.Q. 27th. "70-pointers" left for 37th Div.

11-5-45 Mon.

Snapped 2 trick pictures with flash bulbs. One in our tent, one in the orderly room. The first one may be good -- & it's a doubtful No. 2.

11-6-45 Tues

Tents went down. And I mean they went down fast! Took a picture of Mary. Nice girl, the one I wouldn't mind going back to - if I were going back to the Philippines. Also took a picture of the Piper Cub that crash-landed near our area. Moved off to the beach about 1730. We called on detail to lash & chain down the vehicles on LST-1122. Worked till 2230. Snapped 2 pictures previous to the work.

11-7-45 Wed.

Nice & bright day. Used sun glasses as a filter to snap a pic of the shore line from our L.S.T. Shoved off about 2000 hours. A convoy of eleven LST's & a small lead ship. Saw a movie on board ship. "A Night of Adventure" - Tom Conway - was previously seen on the 'Canal. Yesterday received ration of cigs, got a screwin', was handed a carton of Raleigh's.

11-8-45 Thurs.

Snapped pictures of the ships ahead of ours. They may turnout too small. Surprise is on me to see the good chow they give us. It's swell compared to the other ships & trips.

11-9-45 Fri.

Slapped on guard duty, 4 hours on, 8 off, for the next two days. Played knock poker & won 4 pesos. Played Monopoly and won that too. Movie "Johnny Come Lately" James Cagney. It was swell!

11-10-45 Sat.

Nothing exceptional has happened. The two lines of ships turned out to avoid a floating mine, said mine was reported to be between the two lines of ships. But I didn't see it. One hour before darkness the ships swept to their original positions. Had an "abandon ship drill" while I was on tour of guard duty. I held my post - General Order No. 5 for guards states: To leave my post only when properly relieved.

11-11-45 Sun.

Indulged in Gin Rummy just to pass the time. Pretty good game. Pretty good game. It's the game all Hollywood is raving about. And I see why they're raving about it. Movie "Swing Time Johnny" previously seen at the 'Canal. I stayed for half of its showing. Andrew Sisters were in it. Ships slipped into single file, straits ahead. We rocked & rolled like a storm tossed row boat.

11-12-45 Mon.

Played Gin Runny again - and I am going nuts over it & because of it. Passed Okinawa 0400. Sighted the Ryukyus Islands 0730. The ship stopped rocking. It was a beautiful sunrise. The ships went to their original double file at 1130. The weather turned to a deep autumn cold. Been a long time since I felt this kind of weather. Movie "The Heat's On", Mae West, Victor Mature. It stunk. Mae cracked the corniest jokes ever heard. She must've got into the movies by proxy or by mistaken identity.

11-13-45 Tues.

Ship had the rocks & rolls last night & its still with us today. Its another chilly day -- & very invigorating, yes, yes. Gin Rummy again (what else is there to do). Wright & I vs. Bearman & Cieplinski -- trimmed their pants to a royal blue. The ships formed a single file again. The sea has quited somewhat. Line was formed about 1700 hours. Movie "Ministry of Fear", Ray Milland, Marjorie Reynolds. O.K., was previously seen on the "Canal.

11-14-45 Wed.

Got colder again. Land sighted on starboard (right) side. We now have land on both sides of us. And the ships are still in single file. Packed my stuff, ready for disembarking. Gin Rummy again - (still what else is there to do). Anchorage in Kyushu harbor. Weather is wonderful. Er - maybe its Nagasaki Harbor near Kyushu. Movie :Swing Fever" Marilyn Maxwell, Kay Kyser.

11-15-45 Thurs.

A beautiful morning -- compared to last nights drizzle. Snapped pictures of the harbor. Docked, onloaded vehicles. Cleaned & swept the tank deck at 2000 hours. Played Gin Rummy. Hit the sack at 200.

11-16-45 Fri.

Reveille at 0445. Breakfast at 0500. Piled into trucks at 0615. Boarded train at 0800. On our way at 0825. Its nothing but hills and mountains -- & cold. Left the train at 1210 hours, at Zasshonokuma, boarded trucks & rode to a Japanese aircraft factory - empty long & wide buildings -- & lots of 'em. This is better than pup tents & sleeping in mud. Moved around, picked up a few odds & ends for souvenirs. Kitchen was quickly set up & we had hot coffee for supper. Was amazed to learn that toilets were used by both sexes. And what stinkin' holes the toilets are - nothing but oblong holes in the ground with concrete around 'em & fairly good constructed shacks over 'em. Issued extra blanket. Slept a 10:35 o'clock.

11-17-45 Sat.

Almost froze to death over the night, really cold. Went roving again. Picked up a Jap micrometer. Its in half & half shape. Ciep picked up one that was almost brand new. Got my mattresses -- they were wet -- & my box & bag. Also got Ciep's stuff for him. Was issued a second blanket, makes a total of four, we'll need 'em. Spent most of afternoon drying the one mattress.

11-18-45 Sun.

Detail getting 90 drums for battalion use. Mass at 11 o'clock. It's a nice chapel, reconverted from a Jap building. Yesterday I wrote three letters before going to bed. One letter each to Pugs, Mom & Dolly. Was issued a sleeping bag. Eisenhower jacket, OD field cap & suspenders for foul weather clothes. Found an item to fire-up to keep warm. Ciep helped me bring it in.

11-19-45 Mon.

Our detail got the day off. With Osowski's help, I washed 17 items of clothing. Took a cold shower -- & the water got colder every time I stepped into it. Then I noticed a queer looking red rash on my legs. Saw movie "Without Love", Spencer Tracy, Kathryn Hepburn. Issued a ration of cigs.

11-20-45 Tues.

No work for me again. Read a book, played with Cheetah, the monkey, got her mad at me. Received ration of beer which was yesterday - 7 bottles of Jap beer & 12 cans of Pfeifers. Monkey was freezing. I found her when I went out to brush my teeth. Brought her to the fire. She's on a truce with me.

11-21-45 Wed.

Cheetah slept all night with me. She's a pretty good sleeper, too. Sobeck & I, a detail of 2, fixed the mess counters. My bed & equipment was moved twice during the day. Partitions are being put up to cut the building into respective company areas. Rec'd 3 letters, 2 from Rich, one from the Sobezyk's. Wrote 3-pager to Rich. Rec'd also a package from Treble -- it was a wonderful pkg.

11-22-45 Thurs.

Thanksgiving Day. Cheetah slept with me again. Forgot about church this morning. Had fresh eggs for breakfast. Weather - warmer. Guard duty - prisoner - cold at 2:00 - off at 2200. Issued OD's, got a fit. Hope to get just as good a fit in the darker color.

11-23-45 Fri.

Guarding prisoner from 0600 to 1000. Was cold again. Went to town of Fukuoka. Took two pictures, otherwise the town holds nothing much of interest. Need an interpreter to talk to the people. Wrote 2-pager to Treble thanked her for the package.

11-24-40 Sat

Movie. 'Blonde Fever' a fair picture.

11-25-45 Sun.

Church - 11 o.clock, Day off for the entire company. Sewed stripes, wreath & overseas bars on the Eisenhower jacket. Set up the G.I. store 'cause no one else would do it.

11-26-45 Mon.

Detail - Battalion dispatch office making bins for parts. Movie - forgot the name. Clark Gable, Lana Turner - an old picture -- good - was previously seen by me in the States. "Blues in the Night" also - a fair movie. Wrote 2-pager to Frank. Rec'd letter from Lydia. It was mailed a month ago. Fast service, eh what? Bought a Jap naval flag from a Jap woman for 3 packs of weeds.

11-27-45 Tues.

Some detail. Movie - don't know the name, starred John Wayne, Jean Arthur, two of my favorites. Wrote a 2-pager to Lydia. Received 4 letters, Dick, Bob's folks, Treble, & Helen.

11-28-45 Wed.

Detail called off. Line Co's no longer work for H&S Co. No detail for me. Wrote 3-pager to Rich. Sent laundry, 33 yen 90 sen amounts to $3.21 for 34 pieces. Cheap compared to Luzon.

11-29-45 Thurs.

Didn't go to the movies for a change. Played Pinochle, won a few yen & sen. Rec'd Mom's package with the "polish-pop" in it. Rec'd an influenza shot. Had the shivers. I think it was the affect of the shot. Most of the company has been partitioned -- & its still cold.

12-2-45 Sun.

Missed church. Slept till 11:15 of the morning. Made a few yen sewing stripes for Butscher. Had most of the fellows sign their names on the Jap flag in indelible pencil. This is the best souvenir yet. Helped clean the stove pipes.

12-3-45 Mon.

The rest of the guys signed their names to the flag. In the middle of this, the orders came thru stating that 65-67 pointers would leave for replacement center Wed. The place then became a mad-house -place being the company area - as a matter of fact it could be the battalion area.

12-4-45 Tues.

Turned in most of our excess equipment. I bought a roll of silk for 1 carton of "nails", some candy & gum & 300 yen. It amounted to $21.50. Otherwise, straight cash would have set me back $40. This was a good deal. Osowski took the mail clerk pot left open by Moffat. Ciep & I cleaned the stove pipes again. I gave most of my stuff to Ciep.

12-5-45 Wed.

High pointers (me, too) left the company at 1:30. With the replacers coming in, the area looked very busy. Reached Fukuoka depot at 2:00. Snapped a picture. Boarded the train at 2:15, Left the station at 3:00. Boy! was the train crowded. Had meals of 10-in-1 rations. Kelly said sold stuff to the Japs at each stop - made a damn good profit on it, too.

12-6-45 Thurs.

Still riding. What a cold night it was, too. I dozed in small minutes like a sick dog. Left the train at Okazaki depot, 25 miles from Nagoya, after a 23-hour train ride. Snapped a picture. Boarded a truck & headed for 11th R.C. Had coffee at Red Cross. Lined up to have our papers checked & to find out what camp we're headed for. Am in 491st, K Company. Hit the sack at midnight. What a long day that was.

12-7-45 Fri.

Awoke in middle of morning to put more stuff on myself because it was so cold. Slept till 9:00. Roll call was held at that time - as if any one would go AWOL!! Had our Jap stuff looked over. Got rid of more stuff. Saw Walker. He's been here since Monday. The movie at the "Palace" was previously seen on the trip from the Philippines. Have to walk almost a half mile for chow. The mess hall feeds a lot of guys in an hour.

12-8-45 Sat.

Slept till 9 again. Walked to the Red Cross for coffee & donuts. Played pinochle, pay-day stakes, won $2.55.

12-9-45 Sun.

Slept late again. Went to church. Walked to the Red Cross Club for "java and" again. While there I defeated Victor in checkers one game. The first game was a draw, To the Red Cross in the afternoon. Played the "Big-Pole" five games of ping-pong, I won four out of five. Should've done that against Wallaby in the battalion tournament on White Beach. Yesterday I wrote 6 letters to tell them I'm coming. One each to Mom, Pugs, Bob's folks, Rich, Ciep & Ida. Mailed them today. Will see how many days difference there will be between the time they're received & the time I reach home. Forgot about church yesterday - Feast of Immaculate Conception.

12-10-45 Mon.

Almost froze during the night. Helminski left so there goes my pinochle winnings. Got up for chow for a change. Had money converted to U.S. currency Rhodes, Hoffman, & Nirgiotis. Meanwhile some more of the boys left for their ships. Seems this R.C. is cleaning out the east coast guys. Orders for Camp Grant were out at 1930 hours. Most of the Chicago boys were on it. Don't know what time we are scheduled to leave.

12-11-45 Tues.

At 2 in the A.M. we fell out for short arm & to get a "K" ration. The time of leaving for the ship was put at 9 A.M. I went back to bed, slept 4 more hours, got up for chow, ate. packed my bags & made ready for the trip. Took a picture, also. A large amount of men, including the Camp Granters fell out at 9:30 A.M. Boarded trucks that took us to Okazaki depot. 15 hr. ride to Nagoya, one mile walk to the docks, filed into LCT's by roster order and set away to the SS Lurline, a luxury liner. Man it surprised me no end to find myself on such a ship. Boarded the ship at 5:30 P.M. & ate a good supper at 7:45. Found myself in a compartment with 11 other guys - 4 Jews, 3 Niggers, a Polack & who knows what else. Hit the sack about 9:30 being very tired.

12-12-45 Wednesday to 12-14-45 Friday

Knock on door awoke me for breakfast. The knocker was a marine Sgt. Never thought this would happen. This evening, the entire day of the 13th & the morning of the 14th I worked in the galley on re-fills. We shoved off at 10 A.M. of the 12th. Passed a Liberty ship the P.M. of the 14th. On the first shift of K.P. I ate 9 ice-creams. The 2nd shift I had 5 more. Man, I could eat a dozen with each evenings servings

12-15-45 Sat.

Have the entire day to myself. Had yesterday P.M. off & tomorrow, too - in the A.M. Taught the Polack gin rummy. If it were taken from a money angle he'ld owe me 48¢. I think the teacher needs a few lessons.

12-16-45 Sun

Went to church, showered, shaved & am now back on K.P. for another 4-meal stretch. One of the ships crew told us we would stay over in Seattle from 3 to 10 days. Ye gads, give me strength. Didn't do much K.P. Sun. eve. - about one hour. Went to play pinochle instead, won about 4 bucks. Bought a Schick Injector Razor w/blades 2 ctns cigs, Dr. Lyons tooth powder & a deck of cards. The pinochle winnings paid for these items. Did K.P. the 17th & the a.m. of the 17th. Ate ice cream till my ears overflowed. Played pinochle again, won $1.60. We passed a couple ships besides two LST's. Read three books. Was relieved of K.P. - good deal! If I stayed on any longer, I'ld surely be a fat man when I got off the boat. Bought another Schick razor, may give it to someone as a present. We had two Mondays due to the crossing of the 180th meridian.

Sat. 12-22-45

Its G.I. day (?) - cleaning up the entire ship by the troops. Expect to enter Puget Sound this evening or during the morning. Destination is now Tacoma, 29 mi S of Seattle. We're to get a pre-Christmas dinner today . . . w/the works.

The name of the camp in Tacoma escapes me. A number of days was spent getting examinations and turning in excess clothes. The upper echelon tried to total the amount of money each GI would and should receive on discharge. The exact date of boarding a train heading east escapes me, also. But on that date, they had us turn in everything, right down to the barest necessity. In the process, I had set a small box with my medals, pictures, letters etc aside - and forgot them!! Most of the process was handled by German prisoners-of-war. Who knows what happened to the box. There were two Jap micrometers in that box, also.


Peter Rakiewicz's itinerary

Inducted Tues. 11-17-42
Left Camp Grant Fri.Fri. 11-20-42
Arr'd Camp White, Oregon Tues.Tues. 11-24-42
Left Camp White5-7-43
Arr'd Camp Stoneman, Calif.5-8-43
Left Camp Stoneman
     & Arr'd Frisco
Left Frisco (President Grant)5-21-43
Arr'd New Caledonia6-12-43
Left New Caledonia (President Polk)4-4-44
Arr'd Guadalcanal4-7-44
Left 'Canal (Bluem Fontaine)5-10-45
Arr'd Batangas, P.I.5-24-45
Left Batangas &
     Arr'd Manila, P.I.
Left Manila & Arr'd
     Paniqui, P.I.
Left Paniqui & Arr'd
     White Beach, Lingayen Gulf
Left White Beach (LST-1122)11-7-45
Arr'd Sasebo, Japan, thence to
     Fukuoka (Zasshonkuma, Japan)
Left Fukuoka12-5-45
Arr'd Nagoya (Okazaki)12-6-45
Left Nagoya (SS Lurline)12-11-45
Arr'd Tacoma12-23-45
Discharged Camp Grant1-6-46

A map of Pete's journey is viewable in the photos section of this website.

Note: The scans of the document that this transcription is based on are available on request. The scan of the first page is available online.

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